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I hated poetry while in school. Now I like it…so can you!Call for Gold Card $ - # 1946 -JH – GC $15
We’ll read and understand the meaning and background of some of the greatest short poems ever written, as judged by literary experts. We also will discuss generic tips to help interpret and enjoy a variety of poems.(Jeffrey Kullom).

Enter Door #32.
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It is sometimes necessary to make changes in the room, time, date, or location of our classes after the Program Guide is printed and mailed.  Please check your receipt after registering for class or online for the most recent update.  The information on the receipt/online supersedes information in the Program Guide.  If any logistical information is modified after registration, the Community Education office will make every effort to communicate the change to registered students.

If you have any questions, please call the Community Education office at 847-718-7700.
7:00 PM
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03/14/2019   7:00PM - 9:00PM John Hersey High School - 101