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Express Yourself... Awaken the artist in you, and discover hidden talents. The arts will enhance your life, inspire self-expression and bring new dimensions and perspectives into view. Twirl, swish, snap, strum or perform; choose your medium. We offer a variety for you. Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, Photography, Dance, Theater and Music. All levels are welcome.


Be Inspired…Nothing beats a home cooked meal made with fresh ingredients and love. Culinary classes provide the opportunity to kick-up your meals to YUM when you discover new tastes, smells and techniques. Good food nurtures the mind, and body and the experience of learning and sharing a new dish with family and friends creates memories and is good for the soul. Our classes will take you around the world. We offer a variety of hands-on, interactive demo and family classes. All levels welcome.

Finance, Real Estate, Law

Secure Your Future...Throughout our lifetime we are faced with financial decisions. As our lives change, so do our needs for financial knowledge. Learn to build a secure financial future for you and your loved ones based on your interests, needs and goals. Financial knowledge spans a wide chasm and so do our classes. All levels are welcome.

Fitness - Athletics

Energize & Refresh...Group Fitness and Sport classes are the perfect way to maintain a healthy life-style and get your game-on. These classes are fun and a great way to stay motivated, learn correct form and be challenged to kick it up a notch. Research shows that regular exercise and physical activity helps control weight, combats health conditions, improves mental health and will boost your energy. We offer a variety of options for all different interests. All levels are welcome.

Health and Wellness

Discover, Conquer… Take the time to do this for yourself. Learning to expand your mind and taking the steps to become a better you is always a fulfilling, and rewarding experience. There is no time like the present to explore the possibilities. Classes are varied and offer many topics of interest. All levels are welcome.

Hobbies and Leisure

Enrich Your Life…Learn something new, share thoughts and activities with others who enjoy doing and learning. Classes are varied, but all provide unique opportunities to have fun, meet new people and take a break from the hum-drum and stress of our daily lives. Many topics and activities are available. All levels welcome.

Home and Garden

Transform…It is so satisfying to create a space in your home and garden that reflects what you love and makes you and yours feel content and at home. Staying up to date on healthy life style needs and new beauty discoveries is also satisfying and can assist with creating a healthy and happy environment. We offer classes to organize, cultivate, decorate and nourish your life. All levels are welcome.


Communicate... The power of communication goes beyond the spoken word. Learning a language will enhance the ability to multi-task, improve memory and boost brain-power. You will increase your networking skills and open new doors towards advancement and new career choices. We offer eight different languages to meet your pleasure, travel and business needs. All levels welcome.

Professional Development

Expand your mind, build skills and learn something new. Classes are varied


Learn & Achieve...Computer Technology truly opens windows to the world, and has become imbedded in both our personal and professional lives. Stay in touch with friends and family. Update job skills, become work force ready, use enhanced online services. Our technology courses will help you achieve your goals and stay connected to an ever-changing world. All levels are welcome.

Youth, Family and Parent Programs

Why should adults have all the fun? Enrichment classes are for kids too. Our classes offer opportunities to learn new skills, develop self-confidence and discover the love of learning. We offer classes for kids, teens and family fun and learning. All levels welcome.

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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Class participants may cancel a class for any reason. Classes canceled 8 days or more prior to the start of a class will receive a refund less a $5 cancellation fee. The $5 cancellation fee will be applied to each class canceled and each student requesting a refund.

Students canceling classes 7 days or less prior to the start of a class will receive a credit voucher on their Continuing Education account. Students canceling classes after the start of a class will receive a prorated credit on their Continuing Education account less applicable book and material fees. The credit on account may be applied to any future Continuing Education class. The $5.00 cancellation fee does not apply to class transfers or credit vouchers.

No refunds or credits on account will be issued for culinary or floral design classes canceled 7 days or less prior to the start of class. The following are not eligible for refunds or credits on account: CET travel programs, day trips, theater, opera, cruises and tours; Cultural and Performing Arts plays, concerts, special events and dances. Please allow 3 weeks for a refund by check and 1 week for a refund credit transaction.

The credit voucher needs to be used within one year of the class cancellation.  If not met, the credit voucher will be voided.

Class Eligibility

The Continuing Education classes are designed primarily for adult learners unless specified in the course description.
Contact Us - The Community Education Staff Directory can be found on our website at www.ce214.org. Click on "Staff" in the upper right hand corner for a complete listing of names, titles, and contact information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Course Registration Confirmation

The Continuing Education Dept. does not send confirmation of registration unless using the online registration system. Once registered your name will appear on the class roster. Please make a note of classes, dates and school locations.

Photo Disclaimer

Community Education may photograph you when you participate in our programs. These photos may be used in promotional materials. If you do not consent to being photographed, contact our office at 847-718-7700.

Special Needs

It is the policy of Community Education to provide reasonable accommodations on an individualized basis to students who have disabilities that may affect their ability to participate in class activities or to meet class requirements. Students with disabilities may contact our office at 847-718-7700 to request accommodations.

Weather Building Closings

Closings will be posted on this website. You may also call (847) 718-7700 for a recorded message. Day school cancellation does not automatically mean evening school cancellation.